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Angélique and Régis Bolâtre wish you a warm welcome to
the Auberge du Cheval Blanc in Alise Sainte Reine (Alesia) at
the heart of the Auxois in Burgundy


A massive chimney sits, throne-like, at the far end of the dining room which is simply but warmly decorated. Our location is extremely accessable for everyone - including the regular walkers following the route between Bibracte and Alesia and those tourists dying of hunger who fancy trying our local specialities. Régis Bolâtre, the young chef, is happy to visit your table where he can explain his cuisine and his style ,making sure his customers are satisfied whilst eagerly awaiting the next dish.

His love of entertaining sparked into life thanks to his late grand father, a maître d’hotel. His father. owner of the Cheval Blanc (The White Horse), devoted himself to creating and recording delicious recipes and good manners passed on by his ancestors. The young Régis, like his father, loves to consult the now yellowing pages of these precious notebooks whilst creating his own dishes and working his magic.

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