Cooked ham in a parsley aspic - by Régis Bolâtre
Asparagus in flaky pastry with a fresh herb sabayon
Salmon marinated in fresh garden herbs
Trout poached in Chardonnay wine
Beef daub in red wine to my Grandfather’s recipe
Fresh partridge with cabbage and lardons
Gateau made with candied fruit and raisins in my Mother’s style
Eggs ‘à la neige’ with praline
Collection and preparation of edible snails
How to make a chicken stock






New recipes will be published throughout the year.



Preface of REGIS BOLATRE's book "Cuisine du Terroir en Côte d' Or"

Régis Bolâtre is, arguably, one of the best young chefs in Burgundy and his style of cooking has confirmed that his restaurant one of the essential stops when in Burgundy. Situated in the heart of the Auxois and the Vercingetorix countryside, Chef has finally arrived after a journey that has taken him to some of the most prestigious kitchens in France. Drawn back to his roots, it was his desire to return to the stoves of the Cheval Blanc in Alise Sainte Reine where his parents had established the establishment. He brought with him not only his youth but also the best of his culinary experience.
The 50 recipes in this book are a reflection of this land of St. Bernard, Buffon and Bussy-Rabutin, a land steeped in both history and tradition. Régis has made it his personal mission to preserve these authentic recipes encompassing, amongst many - poached eggs in red wine; Burgundian snails (praised by Pope Henri Vincenot); tasty Charolais beef; cheese from Epoisses; and not forgetting the superb wines from the Burgundy region. All in all, a true taste of the terroir!
Régis knows as well as anyone that there is no good food without a subtle marriage between passion and quality. The art of the chef lies in allowing the products to speak for themselves and yet somehow managing to enhance their quintessential flavours.
You will discover in these pages, the recipes that make Burgundy what it is. Yes, Régis Bolâtre is a true chef who is content to let his expertise be subsumed by the dishes themselves. He is certain that, with care and patience, you too can master these recipes and craft dishes to the same high level as that exemplified by Régis and his young apprentice.

Come visit the Cheval Blanc and let us seduce you with our culinary magic.

Published by Pavic Tharot Bellevue 89200

Portraits of Chefs in the Cote d’Or in 53 steps

Perhaps Vercingetorix too rode a white horse at the battle of Alesia?
If you cast your eye out of the window, you will discover below the valley which hosted the titanic struggle between the Roman legions and the hero of Gaul.

Today, times are more settled! After his apprenticeship at the hotel college in Bellegarde, Regis Bolâtre had the good luck to meet the famous chef Alain Chapel. For three years, he toiled in the kitchens of the ‘Mionnay’ (today ‘Restaurant Alain Chapel’) learning from the ‘Master’. Afterwards, he was lucky enough to work at ‘Lameloise’ in Chagny (Pierre and now Jean Lameloise), Le Beau Rivage (now Dominique Gauthier) in Geneva, Le Manoir aux Quats Saisons (Raymond Blanc) and finally The Hotel Rose- Alpes in Verbier.

In 1998, Régis felt ready to succeed his father. Now in his thirties, Régis proudly boasts that everything at the Cheval Blanc is homemade – except the bread! Régis is particularly proud of his autumn menu with fowl from the Ain region, Charolais beef from the local slaughter house, fresh vegetables and herbs together with game and not forgetting seasonal mushrooms. Just the time for a good stew – one of the favourites of Régis!

The personality and knowledge of this chef make him a true seducer of the unsuspecting diner.

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